Empowering citizens

In the global health crisis caused by Covid-19, cooperation between citizens is essential. But how can the citizen protect herself, while ensuring her privacy?

Plaiground has developed a collaborative app that, in exchange for the collaboration of each user individually and anonymously, informs them about their exposure to Covid-19 at all times. Thus, it facilitates the control of your security. At the same time, its anonymization policies make it easier for the user to have full control of their data.

AI is very powerful and when used wisely it can have a great social impact.

Which we find very exciting!

News ambassadors

Since February 2020, Plaiground organizes the meetup “Pie & AI in Madrid” with the sponsorship of AWS, Nvidia and Minsait.

This is the first community of deeplearners in Madrid under the alliance with Andrew NG’s company,

What do we offer?

Business foundations

We help organizations with algorithmic ethics and AI governance while keeping its people in the center, creating an AI strategy to thrive exponentially in the right direction.

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Cognitive capabilities

We implement cognitive technologies such as computer vision, natural language understanding and speech recognition.

Because our ambition is for companies to be able to become more sensitive to their environment by seeing, listening, reasoning and acting on the basis of knowledge, extracting the maximum value from the data.

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Business impact

We promote the value of data as a strategic asset, applying AI we generate greater efficiency in business decisions and operations, in addition to promoting the circular economy and the discovery of new business models.

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We are explorers

Curiosity, thoughtful disagreement and forward failing are the characteristics of a Plaiground explorer, that’s how we use innovation to revolutionize the business world.

What could we discover together?

Matching business with technology

In business, the trend is to incorporate more and more algorithms that automate processes, but this impact should not be measured solely by quantity.

At Plaiground we understand that it is the approach and the definition that make AI have a real impact on business and consequently on society.

Did we just match?

Talent is out there

In a volatile environment with changing needs, organizations need agility to respond to various challenges.

For this reason, we work with open ecosystems, capable of having the talent that best adapts to each challenge or situation

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